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ecommerce architect
Enterprise Class E-Commerce Platform

Products catalog and merchandising:
Unlimited number of products and nested categories
Built in inventory control
Multiple criterions search
Refine by product categories search
Automatic Top Sellers
Upsales - category or product based
Downloadable and subscription base products
Products review, endorsement and rating
Multiple products images
Catalog quick orders
Wish list and tell a friend
Multiple products options
Bundle packages of multiple products
Automated products database update
Full control on check out process customization
Up sale, cross sale, amount and selected items discounts
Gift certificates and coupons
Automatic store backup routine
Order confirmations

Order confirmations
Restrict products for different audiences
Advance newsletters system with tracking
Build in orders reporting and conversion analyses
Sale campaign administrations and ROI analyses
Affiliate marketing and private labels

Payments, shipping and customers interactions:
Multiple locations shipping
Shipping charges configuration wizard
Built-in shipping charges calculator
Real-time payments processing
Pre build contacts, feedback and request forms
Express checkout mode" for fast ordering
Guest checkout mode" where no login is required
Email autoresponders and forwarding
Order confirmations
Customer support center with shipping/billing information updates and orders history

Store administration and content management tools:
Online store builder and storefront skin repository
Online payments and shipping configuration wizard
Products catalog and merchandising administration
Orders and customers accounts management
Reporting and conversion analyzes
Newsletters and content management utilities


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